Essential Spices Kit

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Our "Basket of Love Essential Kit" contains the essential spices for your kitchen collection!  Easy to store and carry, you can find inside 7 jars of spices and our handmade wooden spoon.

Here is a description of the best condiments that will support your most frequently used recipes:

Cardamom: the “Queen of Spices” has an intense, slightly herbal, citrusy, sweet flavour. A favorite in the cuisines of the Middle East and North Africa.

Cinnamon: the sweet spice. It is used in many cookies, pies, baked goods, hot cereals and warm drinks. It is also used in Middle Eastern, Maroccan and Indian dishes to impart sweet, warm flavours.

Turmeric: vibrant in color. It brings a bitter and earthy flavour. It is mostly used in Indian and Moroccan cooking as well as popular blends like curry seasoning. A spoonful or two is enough to colour an entire soup or pot of rice with a vibrant yellow-orange tone.

Ginger Powder: it gives great flavour to variety of baked dishes such as ginger bread and ginger cookies. It’s an essential spice in Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian cooking. Used in stir-fry, marinades, hot teas, fruit and vegetable dishes, breads and desserts

Chilly flakes: essential in Mexican, Southwestern and Indian cuisine. It is made from dried, crushed hot chili peppers that adds a little dash of spicy to your dishes. Highly used in pastas, pizzas, soups, stews, marinades and garlic bread.

Black pepper: it has a unique pungent taste. It imparts a vibrant flavour and aroma to savory dishes. Most commonly used in salads, dressings, sauces, soups, appetizers and entrees

Cloves: Cloves are a notable ingredient in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, thanks to their many pain-relieving abilities. You can use Cloves in your tea, in baking, into your smoothies, as air freshener and as a natural cleaner!